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Working Equitation (WE) premier

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The muscle pain was somewhat better, but I was still stiff. The breakfast was as inviting as usual when you went up-stairs passing the tiled hall walls into the dining room. At 8 am everything was served and you definitely didn’t need to leave the table hungry. Fruit, yoghurt, toast, cheese, ham etc. And of course, coffee and tea for the one who wished. And the newly made orange juice was refreshing.


Patrícia braiding Delta.

A and M rode one private lesson each beginning at 9 am. Even though the temperature outside was around +20 °C, the temperature inside the arena was chilly. Especially when you’re sitting down and not moving so much.


With the feeling that at least it can’t get any worse now, I mounted Infante again, the brown Lusitano stallion. It had not escaped Patrícia’s hawk eyes that it was the legs I was “weak” in and therefore she had the planned an exercise just for that. So, my lesson had a focus around the three cones she had placed in a triangle. It was about riding around these three cones in either 180° or 360°. I just had to get Infante around the cones with the only help of my legs. Not flexing the horse but a straight horse around the cones. With my right leg it went well anyway but when it came to the left one… you could say it’s my weak side. Then add muscle pain to that, you have the perfect recipe for muscle spasm.


After a well-needed lunch at one o’clock, with soup, sausage and rice with vegetables and a delicious strawberry cake (or was it a pie?), we had a siesta on the balcony outside the main building in the, for us, warming sunshine. The main building is French inspired and was built during the 19th Century and has been in Nuno’s family ever since. After that, stables, an arena and other buildings have been added until today.
Note that the Portuguese wore warm sweaters and even warm jackets and coats, while we Swedish sat in thin linen in the sun and enjoyed the sunlight. I’m not a big fan of the sun, but have started to appreciate it more now when I during the last few years travelled abroad in November just to get some sunshine and energy.

43.png 44.png

At 3.30 am it was time for the first riding lesson in the afternoon. I rode first, on Infante. The muscle pain had started to give in now and it felt a lot better than yesterday. Both leg-yielding and shoulder in without any problems and canter strikes. The lesson ended with a Working Equitation (WE) exercise where one had to move a rod between one barrel to another, in canter. Now when one had tried out some WE it seems pretty fun… and I think the horses also appreciate it more than just ride around, around in an arena. Thereafter A and M rode their private lessons. It is very luxury having private lessons at riding holidays. Often, you ride in small groups or maybe two and two. But because it was only the three of us during almost the entire week, we were fortune enough to ride one by one.

Dinner started as earlier during the week at 8 o’clock at night and started off with soup, then fried eggs with some kind of Spring rolls and vegetables and for dessert were fruit salad and what was left over of the yesterday’s chocolate cake. Also, this evening ended with some pool, this time against A. This evening “only” one power failure occurred.

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