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Five new guests would arrive today at Herdade Pero Viegas. All Swedish. But we had no idea what time they would arrive. Or how experienced riders they were, since the farm accept riders who never been on a horse before up to Grand Prix, so the skills may vary a lot.
Last day we would be able to ride private lessons; A, M and I. Tomorrow we would ride two and two.


Morning lessons started at 9 am and I rode as number three. I rode Infante again. Today I felt super excited. After a few days at the farm you now dared to work the horses a little more. The Pelham bit isn’t as strong as the Double Bridle but stronger than a common snaffle bit. I got Infante very nice on the bit and the lesson just flew by. Maybe it had to do with me riding in another saddle today? That saddle was a little deeper and felt more comfortable to me. Many exercises to control the shoulders as shoulder in and leg-yielding. An exercise I had not done before was riding shoulder in along the short wall and as soon as you came out of the corner you immediately changed to leg-yield a couple of steps. Then you straightened the horse a few steps and then leg-yield back to the wall again. When you got the grip of it, then you could really feel the difference between shoulder in and leg-yield.


The lesson ended with riding some Spanish Walk. Infante almost did it on his own, but it was really mighty to feel how he worked and lifted his fore-leg high and straight and then almost hitting it back down on the ground with some force.

Table was set for another three guests at lunch, but they had not arrived yet as time was 1 pm. Patrícia, A, M and I had lunch while Nuno waited for the new guests to arrive and had lunch with them later on. A nice soup followed by meat with rice and potato fries and vegetables and ice cream cake as dessert. I really don’t eat soup that often, mostly when I’m travelling or eat out on a restaurant. You really should eat soup more often.


After some siesta in the sun on the balcony it was time for riding lesson at 3.30 pm. I rode first on Xileno. Empowered by the great morning riding lesson, I felt it could only get better in the afternoon. Xileno has a very nice canter and can easily be collected. No wonder he’s great at flying changes too? It was a joy to work with Xileno in the canter. And due to his sensitivity, he is a great master. If you carelessly didn’t move your leg enough or sat a little off in the saddle, he didn’t do a clean flying change. Also tried the passage again, but as yesterday it wasn’t easy to sit down. Just as yesterday’s afternoon lesson, Fernando rode in during my lesson. This time on another roan, probably a young horse from the stud farm that he was educating.
Then A and M rode. During their lesson there were several power failures and it took a lot of time before they had it under control again. It had gone dark outside, so it really got pitch black when the power failed. The horses didn’t seem to care and took it with ease. They were probably use to power failures every now and then.

For the evening dinner the table was set for eight guests and Nuno. At this time, two more Swedes had arrived. So, now the big wine bottles had been put out and there was food well enough for all of us. A warm soup, then chicken with rice and potato fries and vegetables and ice cream cake and chocolate cake thereafter.

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